Tokyo, Japan by Mark Hemming

I’m going there. At least, thats the plan! Spring 2010, 3 months in Tokyo going to language school. I have dreamed for 7 years to go to Japan and now that I have saved I can finally accomplish that dream of mine.

While I can’t say I’m fluent in Japanese (far from it) I’m not a beginner either, I’m at the awkward middle between-ish phase like being a teenager. But more about that adventure in future posts!

Officially I started this blog to be the ultimate collector of the massive collection of Japan/Japanese related stuff from the internets that I’ve collected, peruse, worship and provide another space to combine together the things I love (geeky stuff, Japan, artistic stuff) in one glorious ball of win.

Unofficially I just want a new start, new upgrade and I lose stuff too easily so what better place than to blog abouts it?

Lets get this blog rolling now!


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