Twitter and Searching galore~!

I think I’m addicted to searching and twitter.

Its now my personal hobby to look up new materials, I’ve become obsessed in finding Japanese dubbing of anything I’ve ever watched in my life. With that being said, sometimes I’ll get requests from twitter about certain things to which I ‘rise up to the challenge’ and deliver. Its like a game of mine to see if I can wring out some results or deliver some new found happiness to that one person who’s been searching forever. The satisfaction I have when succeeding in finding something I’ve been searching for a while, its absolutely glorious.

Its nearly the same as finding the perfect outfit or shoes, isn’t it? I now understand shopaholics just a little more now…

And twitter. I like reading about other people, I think the people I follow are the %10 that aren’t updating that they went and took a poop or just woke up. That and its a way to connect to other J-learners and share links, stories, frustrations and what have you with people that are interested in the same things you are. Its a win-win scenario! I like sharing my awesome nuggets of gold that I’ve mined from the internet with awesome materials. So go hang around twitter, throw a couple of beers back with us, twitter isn’t all about spam and porn and “zomg I pooped earlier” updates. We don’t bite, we’re a friendly bunch! Come to the darkside


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