WordPress, it scares me.

Its bright, its shiny and its what professionals use. I’m by far totally not professional in any way or fashion.
Just imagining myself taking a blog as seriously as a job makes me want to quit blogging altogether. Having the expectation of “what if I write something thats not up to standard? Then what?” Thats the general feeling the last couple of months when it comes to this shiny new intimidating thing. So what better way than to blog about this exact experience?

I believe I have figured out a way to get over this by including this nice big image:

If you clickly and you read-y this blog I be not responsible for turning you into a deviant pirating jaded prick. If you likeys what I write-eys then feel free to comment but I’m not a comment hound, I won’t suddenly PERISH and DIE a horrible death if I don’t get any comments over the life of this (whatever thing).

Another thing I’d like to add is that I’m not payed by any company/individual for the reviews that I do.

You are entitled to your own opinion but being a total douchebag or spam bot will quickly get your shiz deleted. I don’t give a flying poo if you are Elvis Presley from the  dead commenting on here.

Finally I will never try and sell you a product or place ridiculous advertising. I’m not a dick who’s gonna jack your internet wallet.

[how’s that for unprofessional?]

I officially declare this my playground since I would abandon this wordpress blog altogether if I had it under pretentious pretenses of “being the bestestestest Japan Blog IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!” I’m never gonna win that battle. I don’t WANT to win that battle!


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