From My Bookshelf #1

Every once in a while I would like to share with you all the kinds of things I like to read and would recommend so here it goes.

Breaking into Japanese Literature by Giles Murray

Two hundred and forty pages of Japanese literature in a sleek book covering half of common use kanji, with its own personal dictionary that explains the reading and definition of words you don’t know. Its a great book that doesn’t require lugging around the heavy dictionaries to look up words since its all right there ON THE SAME PAGE. Genius. For pictures, Amazon has done the great “click here to look inside” which shows basically the holy ground of win that is for learners of Japanese. Feel overwhelmed by reading long chunks of articles with no English in sight? Then I’d recommend this book to help ease the overwhelming transition into that phase of learning. Its fairly cheap to boot and its something small enough to lug around with you on the go. The coolest thing is that you can DL the sound files and listen to them while reading along—not reading to you as though your a dumbass but read by professional actors. I think thats a pretty nice plus if I do say so myself. Click the picture to goto the site to play the audio files for yourself.


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