KCP delayed until the unforeseeable future

As much as I hate to say it: I’m not going to be able to get myself to Japan for a while longer. I will get there some day but right now I’ve got stuff to deal with. Ya know stuff. I’m vague McMysterious.

And now lets switch gears: Anime. For a long time I’ve struggled with the identity of Otaku. There’s been that quirky bunch of people but I never felt like I was apart of them. Even in college I was loosely associating myself with the Anime Club but whenever I was there, I just felt like the most alone person on the whole universe. So I never truly could make a decent friendship with anybody there despite being able to know what they are talking about. Kind of confusing, isn’t it?

I don’t consider myself to be crazy whacky crazy over anime to the point where I sizzle into a blob of fat and sugar.

I’m not over the top. Yes I’ll most likely understand what you’re talking about but I’m more likely to continue engaging conversation with you if its over something awesome  pertaining to plot. Not just how sexy A and B is (although sometimes I do engage in that in the dark corners if the internets). I like my media with flawed characters and plot. So I don’t watch a whole lot of comedy fluffy stuff and I hardly watch it anymore in English or with subtitles. Wow, Sakatsu that sounds like total douche uppity holier-than-thou-cuz-I-know-Japanese . I do have a weakness for anything by CLAMP but that comes from my background of bishonen lovins having an appreciation of beauty.

The more I think of having the identity of an Otaku the more I dislike it. I mean I have no problem with other people calling themselves that but the label doesn’t really fit me. I feel more like a dabbler than anything. But then again I’ve always felt like a dabbler hack in anything that I have an interest in.

I just feel strangely removed from the whole liking anime department partially because of the stereotypes associated with it. I’ve not met very many people in RL who not only appreciate anime for its value but also pursue Japanese language acquisition just because of anime and succeeded. I’ve learned pretty quick that those people who do learn Japanese for the anime drop out sooner or later. And then we’re left with the hardcore people. Some people I’ve seen I have absolutely nothing in common with besides the learning Japanese bit. I think the most extreme example I’ve seen and the sure dedication is a woman I know who is learning Japanese to marry a Japanese man. Yeah. Thats some dedication right there.

Learning Japanese to find a mate has never even entered my mind to tell you the truth. As I ramble on at past six thirty in the morning here after being up for more than twenty four hours— I don’t fetish over a particular group of people. Japanese kind of has that aura at least when it comes to foreigners learning the language, I’ve met more than my fair share of people who are learning it to meet sexy people. And thats not really my reason for doing so. I honestly don’t care what the reasons are for people but I do wish people who are doing it for their future partner all the luck cuz their gonna need it! *salutes*

Back to Anime and Manga. My geek is showing.

Two series I have yet to read in Japanese which I loved is Hellsing and Berserk. OK so I get how Berserk isn’t very woman friendly but I like how damn dark it is. Its no fun being in midland. I kinda wish the badguys weren’t so damn easy to spot. You know, typical white hair bad guys. There’s a trope devoted to it!


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