A Babylonian born into slavery….with both sexes. Uneducated but very pretty with cobalt blue eyes Miram’s owner, Dominatus, kept zher until zhe was old enough to be sold as a sex slave to a brothel. There at the upper class brothel zhe learned the arts of dance, song and pleasure to satisfy zher customers. And after a while Miram became famous to the point where zhe need not wear a name tag. The saying goes ‘if you have to ask the price, then Miram is too expensive for you.’ Miram is quiet and obedient because if Miram isn’t then bad things happen to Miram. Beating a pretty slave lowers their value so if Miram displeases zhe’s owner, Miram does not get to eat.

Physical Description

As a voluptuous beautiful cobalt eyed Babylonian (with striking looks 4). Miram owns no property or clothes and as such walks around naked usually. Miram apparently takes on more of the female side and is referred as a ‘she’.


N/A. Slaves during Roman times were not allowed to have weapons.


Miram lives in an upper class brothel with luxurious tiles and complimentary wine.


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