Quintus Cnaus

Born as the last child of 12 siblings, their mother died while giving birth to Quintus. Quintus came out a strong healthy baby….with both sexes. While zhe’s father wasn’t particularly happy he blessed zhe as a gift from the gods. Zhe’s older sisters took over the household duties while zher older brothers and father worked in the market place selling second hand goods. While their family wasn’t rich nor lived in the aristrocrat part of Roma. Zhe was doted on by the rest of zhis siblings. Zhe took up a fascination of knives and worked up to buy zhis first knife—-until it broke two days later. The next knife zhe got zhe stole from a wealthy man. From then on Quintus knew what zhe wanted to do.

Prefering to dress like a man, (therefore from now on referred to as male) he wanted to get into the business of stealing things. But that part of the market was already monopolized by the big man himself. Instead he and his older brother Severus Cnaus (Brother #11) went into the business of being an assassin for hire. The jobs came in slowly and because of that he and his brother continued to live with his father and two unwed siblings. When business started picking up, his father married him and his brother off to hard working women. Although Quintus’s wife was not pretty, the oracle said she was very fertile and befitting of Quintus. After sex twice a week and five years have passed: no child came. His brother’s wife just gave birth to their third child and living happily while Quintus and his wife toil. The family blamed Quintus’s wife and the crock Oracle but Quintus knew better.

As to this day he blames himself that the reason why he cannot have children is because he killed his mother in childbirth. And in doing so cursed him for life. As time went on, he visited his wife less and less preferring to seek comfort at the bathes. There in the bathes he was comforted often and beloved by many by both men and women while not on a job. They praised Quintus’s physique and people wrote poems of his beauty. An aristocrat took notice of him and they had an intense but short lived courtship. The jewels he had obtained from the courtship, part in which was given to him, and some he took for himself paid for his older sibling (and last unwed) to go and be apprenticed to a blacksmith. For once his father is proud of him. And the family now respects Quintus and his brother’s profession.

Quintus has big dreams of overtaking the other assassin groups out there that steal his business. One day he hopes to lead legions of assassins and branch out into other cities across Italy. And have his own household filled with concubines of both sexes. His head is in the sky.

His personal gods are Hermaphroditus, Mercury (Greek: Hermes), Baccus (Greek Dionysus) and Mars.

Since he is a hardcore Pagan, any time he sees a Christian, Quintus treats them like shit.

Physical description:

A 20 year old looking, shoulder length black hair tied in the back and out of the way. No bangs. B cup sized breasts which Quintus binds himself to appear more dude. He’s more lithe than muscular. Dexterous if you get what I mean. Harharhar. I picture him being rather androgynous looking but Quintus mannerisms and dress pass him off as male. Speaking about clothing, I can picture him in brown drab long sleeved tunics and work pants. In the hot summers a dark blue toga. He does have a cloak but there’s some holes near the bottom that have been patched up with different colored patches. He only owns one pair of brown leather shoes.


A common knife used for everyday activities. Two sharpened mid grade daggers for his work. And one small knife strapped to his inner thigh. Actually this is the knife he stole from the aristocrat. Its especially shiny and made of quality metal. There used to be a jewel in it but he took it out and sold it to get the mid grade daggers.

As of the time period, the poorer you are the more likely you were to live in cramped apartments in the higher floors. While the richer people lived on the first floor and more likely to survive if a fire started in the building.

Theme Song: The instrumental by Tool – Triad.


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