Tadoku In Progress + SRS/RevTK

The Twitter 多読コンテスト is heating up, and while I’m shit out of luck in any hope of being in the top 5. I’m currently sliding down into 12th place. Just fine by me. My competitive edge is showing a little and I have a desire to put @LordSilent into his place. I’m easily maintaining being in the top 20. I’m not reading every day since I have other things taking priority. But I’m enjoying the spirit and talking shit to other contestants in a tsundere way. I provide support and take pleasure in making them squirm. Kukuku.

Reading itself is quite fun but sometimes frustrating. My eyes love to glaze over so its literally impossible to spend an entire day doing nothing but reading. Some days are more frustrating than others. Sometimes I’ll read entire paragraphs where I don’t know what the fuck is going on and usually when I get to that point I take a break and look it over or I’ll highlight the section to go back over it at a later date.

Fulfilling the writing portion of my deal is reprovingly difficult. In essence, I’m writing about my amazing high powered mage campaign which requires plenty of nice katakana. I wonder if I’m sliding back to easy peasy Japanese mode out of sheer laziness so I’ve added that I must use some grammar points that I don’t use often enough. That means extra time on renshuu.org. I love that site so much. Not a fan of the advertising or the “Go Pro!” stuff in strategic locations around the site.

Also a rather surprising thing: SRS. Well, specifically the RevTK method with SRS that I worked much on last year but dropped because it was boring as shit and I was not getting much out of it. A couple of days ago, I opened my Anki and disabled that annoying little red bar from hell that always beats me up on how much I suck and fail. After that I went through the cards and believe it or not: After not touching the program for eight months. I REMEMBER some of this stuff. Certainly not all but I’m shocked I remembered anything at all!

I was always skeptical about the benefits of SRS and RevTK but now after seeing that I remember some of this stuff after eight months. I’m back on the SRS bandwagon. The thrill of and the old flame has returned. Lets see if I can figure out how to get over the ‘Fuck this, its boring’ portion. By the way, if you are curious about RevTK. I suggest you point your browser to kanji.koohi.

Over and out!


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