Week 2 & 3 of the Tadoku Contest

Week two was quite busy reading reading reading then I spent the next how many ever days procrastinating like what I normally do. Good idea for extra time for writing. Bad idea for trying to learn a foreign language.

Constant continual practice, just a little bit each day is way more beneficial in studying something than done in big blocks of time 1x a week. Unless you have an eidetic memory (which I certainly don’t, I’m lucky if I remember what I had for dinner two days ago!) then brunt force study! Studying isn’t going to cut it. Great for late night next day exam kind of crackdown. Not particularly effective when it comes to recalling what you’ve learned and retaining the information in the long term.

And while I do give great advice (or so I think), I seldom follow my own advice. /my two pence/cents.

I don’t count reading junk mail in Japanese towards tadoku and I don’t count the various doo dads, recipes, daily horoscope, the hundreds of Japanese tweets I do read in Japanese. Naw. Its just not GOOD enough to count it. If I’m going to count it, its going to be knock solid hardcore novel/game/article/newspaper reading. Why? Because I’m a masochist. Thats why.

Which reminds me that I’ll just say that the 1st half of HP#5 is freaking 660 pages long! Dude! I’m trying! Need to step up my game considering I have another 700 pages to read in the 2nd half of this book!

Do I need to say that I’m feeling just a tiny bit overwhelmed? Yeah. Will I finish the book? I want to. Is it feasible for me to finish it 8 days? No way. I’m cocky and all but I’m not that awesome pwnage master of the universe kind of win.

Naw. I’m not Harvey or Bret Meyer. /shameless compliment. I wish I was at their level, I’m trying my damndest but I’ve been trying my damndest since 2002. To be honest, there’s still apart of my mind that questions ‘what happens after you master Japanese? Its not special.’ Its not like people get a grand metal for ‘proficient mastery of a non native language’ or some shit. Its lining up the previous skills with the added bonus of +1 foreign language. Doesn’t guarantee you’ll make extra money. But its sure damn fun to watch and read in another language. The tadoku contesuto helped me realize that its twice as fun to read what you like and competing with others for page counts. I motivate them with my snarky evile comments and they sling it right back at me. We contestants fuel each other to keep updating and getting higher in pagecount.

Excellent. Superb. Awesomelicious.

I think we should do another tadoku contesuto. Maybe a written version of it. As long as I don’t ever have to post what I’ve written because it is atrocious.

Now, lets get cracking on that pagecount! I’ve got asses to beat!


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