What is this—I don't even.

I threw some Tentacle Monsters into Yoshida Dorms to liven things up. My main character ended up getting his brain sucked out of his skull. Dead. End of Story. I made it to 15K before I figured out that I suck at Le Grandious Literatchure Fiction of Le Superior Great Ass Kissing American Novelists. I fail. Sorry, I tried. I really tried. I can’t write mainstream fiction without getting bored. Tentacle Monsters helped but have absolutely no place in the story.

I will cut it down to something like a long short story or some sort in the future (Tentacle Monster-less, rest assured). But that project is so low on the priority list that you shouldn’t expect it like for at least a year if not more.

Instead I’ll be working tireless on making Blankets into a full-length novel instead of two 50K novels as previous planned. So far things are going alright. Aiming for 75K which is still admirable in my book.

Wish me luck. Over and out.


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