Muth Sera The Viper

A Babylonian assassin Mekhet who came with her brother, Rasheed to Rome before 300 C.E. Her name comes from the fact she carries around a viper on her person. Also, she sort of looks like a viper. Skilled at poisons, animal ken and assassinations she is a part, along with her brother to the Wing of Strangers. She wears a variety of rags and holed clothes, making her appear as though she’s a street urchin. She was drawn to Quintus for his enthusiasm in trying to build an assassination business with is brother, Severus. Even as far as admiration for the way he shadows people. A perfect apprentice for Muth Sera to train. Before she had a chance to turn him, he got attacked by a mark of his and died in the brawl. Muth Sera whisked him away and turned him after death which resulted in Quintus becoming a Hallowed Mekhet. Muth Sera spends the majority of her time away doing who knows what.

Miram is eery of Muth Sera for her heavy handed practical approach to teaching Quintus. It was during one of these rough handling that Muth Sera discovered Quintus has a thing for roughness. It was not long enough before they started frequently sharing a bed. Definitely not a secret with the way Quintus is loud much to Muth Sera’s annoyance. Sometimes Quintus calls Muth Sera simply “Sera” as an endearment. She doesn’t seem to mind.

It was later revealed that Muth Sera has a rather low humanity level and has a hard time empathizing with others. Being out of touch is a bit of an understatement, having not had things like sex for over a hundred years or so until Quintus came along. Quintus is probably Muth Sera’s way of living vicariously through him as a younging newbie vampire with close ties to his family still.

Also revealed that she diabolerized at least one vampire and went into voluntary torpor at least a century if not more. Making her a rather high powered vampire. She can put Quintus into torpor before Quintus can even get off one attack.


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