Nanowrimo wrap up—another one hits the dust

I won Nanowrimo and I made 75K. I also donated to the Office of Letters and Light. I’d like to thank and congratulate my local Municipal Liaison and the rest of the Nanoers who participated and won! DO A DANCE! Catch up on your sleep! Thats what I’ve certainly done. I’ll see you all at the Party!


Next on the to-list

The next thing on my list to do, writing related, is to do some more short stories. I have a three parter I’m planning and possibly some more as well. During the month of December I’m doing some pre-writing/short story work on one particular novel which sits in my queue, waiting to be written. I will also be editing a novel or two, but I’ll see how that goes.

January or February I will begin writing my next project which will be a post-apocalyptic dystopian. After that I will be returning to The Series to write book number 3 of 5.

Script Frenzy, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I may be a Script Frenzy Rebel and write another book. As of now, I’ve changed my mind in participating in Book-In-A-Week in January. Writing 75K in a month nearly killed me so I’m going to just keep practicing until I can reach up to that kind of word count in a week. I don’t have a writing desk, I sit on my couch or in The Chair to pound away on my laptop. Only about the worse ergonomically way to write novels, ya? So I doubt participating in Book-In-A-Week will make me feel any better.

I’m not thinking about what I’m going to do Nanowrimo 2011. By then I’ll have transferred over and I’m sure, working my ass off to consider participating in Nano. The first half of 2011 will be spent in writing novels as much as I can to make up for the lack of continuous writing in the later half of the year. But knowing me I’m sure I’m going to try and write during those months anyways. I like to keep busy.

And now, I end with Queen.


2 responses to “Nanowrimo wrap up—another one hits the dust

  1. I think you have other things to do in January…right?

    • Are you implying as though I can’t write, school and kick ass in readMOD? 😛

      Its possible when I start this project that it’ll be near the end of January. Who knows.

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