Happy Backloggery Anniversary! 2010!

Check out my Backloggery!

This year I beat 16 video games and completed 2 video games. But I’m more than halfway through at least 10 video games!

This year I went through four layouts. My favorite layout out of them is Bayonetta one by far.

My favorite game I’ve played this year is a tie between Mass Effect 2 and Silent Hill 2.

My favorite table top game this year is, of course, The London Game from Mage: The Awakening. Closely followed by Requiem for Rome campaign from Vampire: The Requiem.

Memorable NPC Character: Chesire Cat from Crescent City Campaign.

Memorable PC Character: Greg Fletcher (Psychosis) from Crescent City Campaign.

Two Memorable Bad ass Moments in these campaigns were:

1. Mage of London Game: Defeating the Antagonist. I wrenched my cane sword through his heart and he turned to ash, leaving his heart in my sword and one pissed off Lucifer.

2. Crescent City Campaign: Using a Helicopter to take down a Spirit God of the Redwoods.

Favorite character played this year (besides the obvious): Quintus Cnaus. An intersexed assassin street urchin, doing wet work to help his humongous family (twenty something members and counting) in 300 A.C.E. in Rome.. Caught the eye of a Vampire and embraced for zhis quick nature and skill as an assassin. Quintus took the embrace badly and focused on zhe’s family until other Vampires started preying on zhis family. In the end, zhe got revenge, used zher new talents to hunt efficiently and line zhis pockets with gold to open zher new Assassins Bureau with zhis brother and helped zhis brother move into a house.

Quintus Cnaus always wanted to have zhe’s own family and zhe did not know that zhe was infertile. Being 20 without kids was an embarrassment and Quintus tried very hard and frequently with zhis wife and other women and men and failed to make a child when zhe was human.

But with the power of a vampire, zhe was able to impregnate a woman. The half human half vampire would grow up to hunt vampires, as was written and as such is a banned practice. If Quintus was found to have made a child then zhe and the child would be killed. Quintus made the arrangements for zher daugher and mother to go live in the country with zhis extended family. Doing so made the mother’s life much easier than a life in a brothel.

As for weapons, Quintus prefers high quality daggers and small knives. Things zhe can hide in zher clothing. Underneath the clothing, there’s more, specifically a small dagger tied to zhis inner thigh that zhe managed to steal from a Rich Nobleman. It used to have a huge ruby which zhe chipped out and sold to buy the daggers. Fighting style favors speed and stealth above everything else, duel wielding weapons and in a pinch will use anything around zher as a weapon or distraction. Zhe specializes in running and parkour besides stealth assassinations. Quintus knows the streets like the back of zhis hand, hangs with the other dangerous for-hires at the Capona Bar in the lower district. Raised with these skills, Quintus Cnaus knows how to tell a good story and, if necessary, appease a nobleman to not squash him as a specialty (called Kissing Ass). Quintus has barely learned how to read and write and does so…poorly.

Quintus Cnaus wears mens clothes and in game referred to as a man. And as such binds zher breasts to appear more like a man. Only close relatives and his kindred friends know. Later in game, zhe relaxes zhis chest binding and stance underground with zher fellow vampires. Even attending a couple events dressed in women clothing. Quintus Cnaus is very big into religion (Paganism) and his patrons are Mars, Hermaphroditus and Jupiter.

Quintus is not your average Vampire, zhe hails from the Mekhet clan but among Mekhets zhe’s a Hallow. Meaning, zhe does not have a shadow that follows properly. Quintus’s shadow has its own personality as a double clone. Quintus and the Hallow are on neutral terms despite some rough patches.

In terms of family. Quintus is the last born, with Quintus’s birth killed zhe’s mother and so Quintus’s elder sisters raised zher and despised Quintus for it. The family was at a loss if Quintus was a boy or a girl but decided to raise Quintus as a boy considering boys are more valued during those times. Quintus takes zhis sex seriously, and tries as best as zhe can that zhe can be both a man and a woman and be flawless with it. So Quintus knows the ways of both a woman and a man and actively teaches this to female recruits Assassins when zhe can.

Quintus feels its zhis obligation to raise zher family out of poverty and dreams big of being The Boss of the biggest Assassins Bureau in all of Rome. More importantly protect and keep zhis family out of poverty and continue the Assassins Bureau through zhis family for many generations to come. Zhe has become a protector of zher family who knows that Quintus is now “different” from them but because of this “difference” they are much better off then they were before.

From my perspective, Quintus does not really know that zhe is helping break the norms between what is expected of a woman and a man. Quintus is quite well aware of the inequalities of the times and takes a proactive approach whenever Quintus can. Claiming that it is zhis duty as gifted from Hermaphroditus zherself. On the flip side, Quintus discriminates and hates Christians with a burning passion. Zhe spits on Christians whenever possible, if not outright drive them out of town. This being 300 A.C.E. It was socially acceptable to feed Christians to Lions as a form of entertainment in Rome. This character has been a fascinating look into what its like to be an intersexed person in times when Paganism was the major religion. Quintus’s intersexed status was praised as a gift from the gods and not seen as a freak. I was the one who often brought up and played with the motif of societal ‘polarities’ between woman and man in Pagan society and saying some wonderful superstitions.

Zhe never used zhis intersexed status for gain unless it was to help someone else or to explain why Quintus would allow women into zher Bureau which is unheard of. Quintus is probably the only person in Rome who believes that a woman during those times are capable people and placed properly, can do massive damage to the enemy. I’m trying to make it zhis sneaky hand up sleeve approach. As well as provide a new job, albeit a dangerous one, but a job to women.

Another motif I’ve been exploring with Quintus is the value of family. Quintus believes strongly in family as much as zher religion. Zhe’s a neutral character, zhe does not register as particularly evil or innocent. Zhe’s an assassin and regularly kills as a job. Is compassionate to others in concepts of class, sex, gender, race and family. Quintus Cnaus saves children when possible and supports zher local brothels. Zhe is also very against hitting another woman which happened frequently in Rome. At one point, Quintus was a modified Robin Hood, pilfering rich houses and giving the spoils to his family and the poor. On the other hand, Quintus is apathetic when it comes to vampire politics, to the point of hurting zhis own coterie from it.

Quintus Cnaus is a complicated multi layered character and I’m quite pleased with zher build. I’m content with the amount of games I’ve played this year. Certainly, this year was more table top based than in other years but I’ve grown leaps and bounds as a table top player. I’ve also spent longer time analyzing and thinking critically of the games I play. At a couple of points, I accurately predicted entire plot lines and the like. It makes me feel smart haha! I’m looking forward to another year of exciting releases, especially Dragon Age 2.


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