The Year In Books&Lengthy Wordage (2010)

Most of these books were bought at Powells or other local independent shops.



Below is a list of books and various things I’ve read this year. My goal was to read at least 40 this year. And I’ve reached it! HUZZUH! Pat on the back! I’m such a big fan of reporting on what I’ve read that I’m going to continue this tradition.

The 50+ lucky reads:

Wine making in the Pacific Northwest

Dead Sea Scrolls

Angels and Demons

Japan Women Through The Times

Hacking DS consoles
Hacking PS2 consoles
Final Fantasy 13: Episode Zero again

A Time To Change (Sansa)
Good Life Becoming (Sansa)
Betrayal Can Happen Only If You Love (Sansa) (All HP romance actiony stories)
The Demons Librarian (Lili Saintcrow)
Mage: The Awakening (White Wolf)
Mage: Seers of the Throne (WW)
Mage: The Free Counsel (WW)
A Room Of Her Own

The Doors of Perception

Green Witchcraft II
Pub Rants (Agent in Denver)
Enough science fiction/fantasy from
The lesser key of solomon (LOL Yes I did.)
Most of:
The last RG Veda manga I own.

Caged Soul Thread On RPG-netter

Dexter Is Delicious

Urban Fantasy Debut Book Storm Born

Higanjima Vol 1-3

Claymore Vol 1-3

Berserk Vol 1-2

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

A Brother’s Price

Unnamed Shitty Romance Novel

V for Vendetta


White Wolf: Vampire The Requiem: Requiem For Rome

White Wolf’s V:tR: Fall of the Camarilla

Dresden Files #1

Dresden Files #2

Dresden Files #3



Thoughts on the list:

Well, if this doesn’t scream geeky I don’t know what else does. Surprised by the amount of Romance novels (6) and wished I read just a bit more Urban Fantasy. I put off Dresden until the end of the year because I let a friend borrow the book to read it before I did and he’s a slow reader. Next year I should add a couple more Pagan and non-fiction books to the list. The amount of reading I do on the computer is not surprising to me.

The TBR list is long and probably unconquerable. But I keep trying to conquer it. I have enough material on hand to last me another 6-8 months so no worries about running out of material to read!

All in all, I’m pleased with the results. Not bad progress for me.


3 responses to “The Year In Books&Lengthy Wordage (2010)

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  2. Nice list! I’ve been meaning to read A Room Of Her Own for a while, how did you like it?

    • Its an interesting read, conversational and its quick to plow through which is a bonus. The book wasn’t particularly enlightening on my part but thats because I’ve taken a lot of classes and spent a lot of time thinking through what she discusses. I do recommend it though, its a good read.

      I have to admit, I’m dying of curiosity to know what you’ve been reading the past year. 😀

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