Book! Write! Book!

In 2009 I’ve written an appox of 310,00 words! This of course does not include twitter or blog entry word counts or other misc writing. Thats an average of 849 words a day! All those months of 1.5K days were not done in vain! I completed 1 movie script, Geeks in Armor! Three novels: The first 2 books in a series and 1 full manuscript in November and something that falls under the novelette category. Outlined another series, completed 8 short stories and 4 fan fictions.

Gotta pat myself on the back! Not bad for an unpublished writer! OK enough exclamation points!


Hey, at least they aren’t going into the books, right?


I have a ton planned for this year as well. Its daunting but equally exciting.


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