The Year In Review

Where I show once again how much of an amateur blogger I really am! Happy (very belated) Yule & New Years, folks!


Check Out: The Year in Books 2010, Happy Backloggery Anniversary! 2010!, 101 Goals in 1001 Days, Out Of Order Edition and Book! Write! Book! since I talk about all of these entries in brief.


I’ve got a lot accomplished. Then again I’ve had more time on my hands than in previous years. This Post Is Long Post. First taking a look at my failures then my accomplishments with plenty of banter in between. Lastly, some retrospect and in the next post announcements on future projects.



I have a penchant for making lists and not doing them. Whats the point of these lists and why do I keep making them? Well, I think that its fascinating to see my frame of mind when I’m harried and looking for a way to organize the things I want to get done. Thats what journals are for anyways, To-Do lists and bits and bobs. I’m not fancy when it comes to my blogging style. Like I said in a previous entry, I’m not aiming for Best Blog Of The Universe.

I was perpetually scared of writing on The Shiny WordPress. But it helps if I write my entries in Open Office before copypasta-ing them into the itty bitty text editor.

I abandoned my voice recording of Final Fantasy Episode Zero without an explanation. Spent an entire month and got almost 50% finished with wrecking my voice and all that Jazz. To only have the file be corrupted and unmanageable. Then, my mother died. I just did not want to spend the time and my month redoing the project. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to complete this project.

I freaked out a couple of times on the Twitter. My most notable one concerning the time when I told Depression I was going to kill it. Oh, dramatics, lovely, aren’t they? Now I’m only slightly better, choosing to go NERD RAGE CAPS LOCK ENGAGE when deserved. I only managed to hand people their asses twice or three times this year on Twitter. Amazing restraint on my part.

Been a bit of a shitty friend this year. Then again I had problems coming out the ass in loads of uncontrollable mass. I wasn’t there on a couple of occasions when friends needed me or been supportive enough for others. My track record for keeping in touch with friends and family is on par with Asshole Levels. I’ve been a total ass this year.

365 Day Project, Something I admittedly am questioning that I’ll ever accomplish.

Having to withdraw from college for a while. Sanity Issues and all. I think it was the best choice I made for my GPA. I’m one of those geeks who enjoy University and all the stress that goes along with that. My mum’s death really set me back a lot but the important thing is that I’m back on my feet and back on track.



I’m surprised by the amount of games I beat this year. I didn’t think this year was a particularly heavy game year for me but then again I don’t keep statistics or mad organizational skills like this year. Props to Backloggery for their History page.

From the book side, this year was the first year I’ve kept track of the amount of reading I’ve done over the course of the year. A major accomplishment for myself, believe me. Averaging about 3 books a month, thats pretty awesome stats there. I would like to thank the wonderful Herchuckness again for introducing me to the concept with her entry last year that inspired me to do this. This is definitely something I’m going to continue doing.

From volunteering, the first half the year is moot but the second half I warmed up. I pulled in an estimate of 40-50 hours of volunteering to my favorite orgs and groups. This Post discusses this year’s volunteering project.

Writing this year has been intense. Participating in Script Frenzy for the first time, my manuscript, Geeks in Armor was barely completed in time. Writing movie scripts is more difficult than writing novels for me. With the extra time, I spent a vast amount of this year towards novel writing. Outlining and completing the first book and most of the second book in a series, outlining another series. Not to mention Nanowrimo 2010 Double Nano attempt. Never again…But I’m glad to say that my 1st completed draft is pretty polished considering. Thank you, Scrivener for Windows Beta! The various short stories I’ve created as well which I hope to query in the following year. I’ve had failures as well, the Portland series failed to get up off the ground, instead got taken over by London. The second book in the London series needs serious work as well. I remember quite vividly trying to write as much as I could in one day and managing to blow out my wrists. Then not long after that I learned the Dvorak method and haven’t looked back to Querty since.

101 goals in 1001 days is going relatively smoothly. Edited a few goals for sanity’s sake but still chugging along. I don’t have much time left and certain to fail a few but I came into this knowing that. I’m damn happy to have done so much already!

This year has been a mixed batch, a difficult year. I’m hoping next year will be better and hopefully just hopefully it won’t be toileted. Gotta keep positive!

So I’d like to wish you a fantastic and productive year and thats all, folks!

Goodbye 2010!

Hello 2011!




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