Reading, Writing, Music – For The Record

Salute, Internets!

The Captain Loves His Coffee

I’d like to put on the record what I’ve been reading over the past couple of months.

Romantically Apocalyptic

Harry Dresden #4

TV Tropes (yet again)

Beserk Vols 1-4

xxxHolic 1-3

Japanese Wikipedia (TONS and TONS of the mythology sections)


How To Raise A Bilingual Child

The Border House Blog

Sociological Images

the deadline dames blog

Some research, some of the usual suspects and Japanese stuff. Sociological Images is about as link crazy as TV Tropes is. I can spend years of my life through Sociological Images.

As for the writing bit, research into the zombie novel is speeding along. I have talked to a couple of enthusiasts and have been watching movies and checking out more post-apocalyptic literature. Luckily, I have a pretty good base knowledge when it comes to post-apocalyptic cities and I have no qualms with reading more. I don’t expect to start writing until mid-February if things go to plan. The ideas are flowing.

I have been working on editing and rewriting Book #1 of the London series. Which I need to make considerable progress through before I start the zombie book. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to balance editing and writing the new book. Thankfully I will be taking it a bit easier than my previous (failed) attempt of 2 novels=100K wordage.

I’ve watched a couple more movies as well as some of the great classics involving zombies. A short but excellent series called The Walking Dead as well as this human experiment show about the post apocalypse and psychology the name of it escapes me at the moment. I have been listening to We’re Alive, a radio drama of superb quality. They have other post-apocalyptic radio dramas of equal quality so do check it out (its free!)

I have been participating in February Album Writing Month (FAWM) which I already won. Some are hits and misses. I’m going to keep writing music and record on Sundays when the traffic isn’t bad and I have the house to myself. But not this next Sunday:

This Sunday I’ll be at Portland State University to see George Takei speak on LGBT issues and Humanitarian issues from being a Japanese American. Going to be FUN!

As you can see I’ve been a tad bit busy and loving every second of it. Future Posts are a little mini series on writing as well as a follow up post on using the Dvorak method and how thats going for me. So stay tuned in, folks!

Until next time, keep it geek!


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