Quest for more healthy eating

Discovering the reality of how your food is made in this Doc.

When my mother died, I didn’t eat well for a long time. It was a special thing to not eat something that wasn’t frozen five minutes ago. Yeah, it was pretty bad. I got fed up feeling like shit all the time so I’ve been doing something about it.

I watched Food, inc and after viewing that I didn’t ever want to eat meat that had machine separated meat in the ingredients listed. Since that machine separated meat is filled with bacteria and the bacteria is killed with Ammonia. Yeah—go watch the movie. Just do it.

Now I’ve fixed my shopping so I go every week now and spend the most time in the fruits and vegetables aisle. I have successfully managed to cut down the amount of meat I eat per week but I have a hard time giving up chicken since its my favorite thing on the planet next to potatoes.

Its been almost four weeks now and I try to manage going the first three days of the week without eating meat. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Its a work in progress. This week I succeeded. Thats pretty damn spectacular considering its the norm here to eat meat in every meal. Its not because I’m considering becoming a vegetarian, I just realize the impact I have with eating so much eat that I’m trying to cut down on it.

I have been looking at tofu and I got a small package and didn’t like it. Its a texture thing I need to get over. Its interesting considering I like wet noodles but since tofu isn’t in noodle form it makes me want to spit it out. They do sell extra firm tofu so I think I’ll try that next.

I have cut out caffeine and cut down the amount of pop I drink. Trying to drink more tea and juice. Today I plan to make cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches with my tea today. It would be nice to get into a routine where I have an afternoon tea and snack lined up.

Sweets haven’t been a particular problem after switching to eating sweets to once per week almost eight months ago now.

While I haven’t lost any weight yet or from what I can tell, I do feel better though. And thats my goal.


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