For The Record—-Books

It rained toads the day the White Counsel came to town.”


That is an awesome first line. From Jim Butcher’s White Knight, the 4th installment of The Dresden Files. Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden. Another really awesome name. You know you’re badass when you have 4 names. Slick Awesome Status. Anyways, where was I?


Right. Its time for: For The Record! The List Of Books Since Last I Updated:


The Story Of O

Beserk vols 5-7

The Art Of Deception

Hunger Games #1

Hunger Games #2

Zombie Waffe


Really popular book with movies that I ripped into on Twitter and drove me to drink

What The Songs Look Like: Contemporary Artistic Interpretations of Talking Heads Songs


I read Hunger Games in one sitting. No, really. OK, I had to get up and pee a couple of times but I generally don’t read books that fast. Thats why there’s a lot more books this month than last month. This series is on my rereads list. Its that good. It even has a song written for the main protag, Katniss. So much win.

I can’t count it as reading but this really awesome zombie radio drama is the shit and I’m telling everybody to go listen to it.

Next up

Finish Beserk, xxxHolic, then start Bakuman, more zombie comics and more comics in general. After April I’m going to break into the collection of Wine and Beer making stuff again, more nonfiction. Or I might break into some economics stuff. There’s a great Food in Civilization book I want to read too. I also want to read Will Grayson, Will Grayson, a book written by John Green and David Levithan. Its the first YA novel featuring a gay protag to hit the charts so its definitely something I need to check out.

My TBR pile has grown into a bookcase after going through my mother’s and grandfather’s old books. Which reminds me, I still need to dump stuff over at Powells. Doubt I’ll get any reading done in April….grumbly grumble.

Back to the Penmonkey station, these Zombies aren’t going to kill themselves. Cover me, I’m going in.


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