Star Trek

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Star Trek yet. In the original series, Spock is my favorite.

Although I have to say that as of now, George Takei takes the cake for his humanitarian efforts. I love him to bits for his video for The Trevor Project.

Another actor in the original Star Trek series I really like but he’s retired and writing his own scripts is Walter Koenig which I know him from playing Alfred Bester in Babylon 5…which is another post for another day.

I’ll be the first one to admit, I haven’t seen every episode of the series. I was raised with The Next Generation (another post for another time!) which looks a lot better than the original did.

Recently I saw the Star Trek movie made in 2009. While not the best executed, I like how they managed to keep to the style of the show when they could. I still hate Captain Kirk. I cheered Spock on when he punched Kirk in the face. Did not like the part where Ambassador Spock told his younger self “to put aside logic for feelings”. Oh, writers, you could have worded it better to not make Spock so out of character. It almost felt like an episode of Mister Rodger’s Neighborhood. “Now, kids, What have we learned today?”

Nevertheless, I’m glad it was made despite some rough spots. I’m sure it inspired a new generation of geeks to look back and watch the original series, and hopefully, watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I am so biased.

I’ll just leave this here:




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