I believe I have won an internet

I meant to post this earlier however I was in a post-celebration drunken haze and couldn’t be shaken awake enough to click “Publish”.

Rae FTW 80K Written. Stumptown Spirits 100 new PGS Written. Beserk, Kafka On The Shore, Famitsu, FF7, FF13, Lyrics, J-Wikipedia 200 PGS Read.

Fuck yeah, talk about shit got DONE this month. You know how many times I wanted to quit and give up? I lost count but it was more than ten times. The last two weeks were brutal sauce with a side of procrastination meets jello tube man being whipped by Write or Die like the little pot bellied cheese sweating sponge that I am.

Wait, what? Exactly.

I’m probably still drunk and hungover and I might have just burned myself out. But, nevertheless! I will survive. I am alive…I think. Just don’t ask me about when I’m doing the next book. Just don’t ask me what I’m planning on doing, I’m playing it all by ear. And I need another drink.

Cue the music, youtubes.


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