Writing is awesome pt seventy billionthz of infinity

You may look like this if you burn out. Incidentally, I looked like this while watching my friend play Silent Hill 2.

Writing is that awesome little thing I get to tell people I do when I really mean sitting on the couch playing video games when I should be really writing. Never mind that I spent the last two days awake writing something in the 10K range, its writing all the time or I feel like I’m not using my time wisely.

Its an addiction, this writing thing. First it starts out with a couple of stories. Then your first novel, then before you know it you write 2-3 books every year taunting the Insanity to come forth and devour your soul…or something like that.

Then you come to the point where your laying in your underwear in the floor in a puddle of your own bodily fluids coming down from a cocktail of margaritas and meth.* Your friends don’t recognize you underneath your frazzled hair and moses beard but then you realize you haven’t seen them in three to nine months. And shaving doesn’t exist in the writer world.

Something wrong?” They’ll ask. “No, sorry, I was busy thinking about the book.” Then they’ll look at you like you’re crazy and look for the nearest exit.

And they’re right. Writers are Crazy. As you can see here.

Relationships? Taking care of yourself? Remembering to eat? Yeah, flush those dreams down the pipe there buddy. You’re lucky if you remember to put on clothes in the morning when you get up. Or matter of fact, sleep.

Writing is awesome. But I need more sleep and I need to go live my life a little more than from the glowing screen of a laptop. Need to do more crazy awesome things like play more shows, release an album, walk around Portland at 2AM in a drunken haze, you know, normal 20something things. I skipped out on the teenager rebellion phase because I was too much of a good kid. Maybe its time to let off some of that steam.

I talked to my grandma today, the first time since January (I know, I’ve been a douche writer broke college student with nothing to really talk) She asked “you’re not doing any of those crazy things like smoking, are you?” “No grandma, I just have allergies.” Which is true. And I kinda wish I was doing crazy things that make great stories. Something that tops all the other crazy stories I have. And its good writing fodder too.

So, the next time I’m writing a novel will be in November and December which means I’m delaying a book until next year. I’m going to release an album. Take JLPT2. I’m going to Travel. Somewhere. I’m going to go live life a little more. And maybe, I’ll have some more stories to tell from all this. Cuz you know, Writing is Awesome.

*I’m taking artistic license on the wording and a leaf out of Chuck Wendig’s writing style.You don’t really need drinking or drugs to write books. 


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