The future, goals, more big scary fun crazy things

So I’m nearing the end of the huge 101 things in 1001 days project. I got a lot that I wanted to get completed but I’m eager to draft up another big scary list and add on all a few from the last list I haven’t completed to the new list. Its version 2.0, I’ma gonna get a ton of creative shit done.

I’ll list some of these big scary fun crazy things I do want to do but of course, I’m still in the process of drafting this so YMMV. In no particular order:


  1. Write a choose your own adventure as an iphone app or write a serial story for the iphone.
  2. Write a RPG book—it might be a World of Darkness fan thing but who knows.
  3. I would like to do a collaboration project for an app for the iphone with a couple of friends and use Kickstarter (maybe) to help fund us.
  4. Write about demons and bakers (2 books, 80K+ next year)
  5. Continue doing Nanowrimo and script frenzy
  6. I have a huge stack of unpolished stuff that I’m currently working through at a snails pace. I want to get those that I want to get done, done.
  7. I want to write and direct more indy short films.
  8. Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, I want to finish playing through every Final Fantasy game in Japanese. Its been a goal ever since I played the first one, which was FF7 at release.
  9. Chinese, Chinese, I want to learn some Chinese. I’ve been collecting resources and you should know when I get into a collecting phase, I don’t stop until I know everything there is to know out there on Chinese materials. I have a suspicion I’m going to be playing FF7 in Chinese at some point.
  10. I want to release an album of a buncha songs I’ve wrote and do some shows to promote the album.
  11. Reading more Japanese, English and Chinese. Comic books, UF, YA, Manga, CYOA, Scifi, Non-fiction, I would like to read at least 60-80 books a year. I know its low compared to some people but I guess I read slow? I never really noticed it. It would be nice to figure out how to read faster.
  12. I would like to make my own beer and wine just for the hell of it.
  13. I want to graduate from Uni! Its still up in the air if I’m going to go for 2 bach degrees, get one and then do the translate thing/job in Japan for a while and then go back. I’m not sure if I’m going to have to go through some kind of special TLing school or not but I’ll figure it out when I get there.
  14. I want to volunteer more of my time.
  15. Keep sending more of my short story work out to publishers.

Full list coming soon.



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