Frank words about dealing with rejection letters and death

This week has been hard for me, I learned that a friend has been murdered in her own house. The person who did it is still on the run. My thoughts go out to her daughter and the rest of her family. I lost my mom last year to aspiration pneumonia after taking care of her for almost half of my life. I know what its like to lose a parent so, I empathize.

I got 2 rejection letters which didn’t bite me as hard as I thought it would. What I really did was I cursed and then I moved on. Basically said to myself, ‘well, thats fine, that just means another polish and send it out again to people who will pay me more for it.’

If you have read posts before about dealing with rejection and all the feelings associated with it. Some talked about dealing with the crushing feeling that maybe you aren’t cut for being a writer.

Honestly, I didn’t have any of those reactions. I don’t want to say that people were blowing it out of proportion but I have to keep in mind that I haven’t had the same experiences as these other people. I’m not here to say that these peoples feelings are invalid. I’m saying your reaction to rejection and to death will differ depending on whats going on in your life. Do I have any doubt that it would affect me greatly if this rejection letter came a week before I learned of my friend’s murder? You betcha. But I would still dust myself off and try again.

Why? Because I’m not the type to give up easy. I’m a stubborn motherfucker. And when it comes to death, I won’t let a death ruin my life and my chance to be happy. I know people who’ve let a death rule their lives and they spent their life stewing in misery over it. You think a standard rejection letter would get in my way of getting published?

I say: Bring your worst.


a stubborn writer.


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