This title serves no purpose

Good news: I’m thinking one of my stories is going to be published. Hell yes! More details to come when I know them. I got a couple more rejections and I’m fine with that, I’ll find homes for these stories.

Soon I’m going to be on a plane to go visit family in Spokane. Go haunt some old hangouts and see some friends too. One of my favorite hangouts was a quirky little indy bookstore called The Tree Of Knowledge. Excellent name, right? Independent bookstores are so lovely, there’s a large multi-floor one in Spokane, the name escapes me at the moment, but I’ve been there a few times and its about the closest as it comes to Powells.

I’ve been busy editing, reading in Japanese, and trying to translate an article, this one specifically, if you’re that curious.  Doing some more research on places to send my work and I have been working on my cover letters as well.

On the music front, I’ve been busy practicing and getting ready to record some more tracks. Hoping I can get it all done within the next couple of months for an October release and Fall/Winter Portland and greater Portland tour. My band name? I’m going with The Supernalists. More info to come the closer to release date, I swear.

Table top gaming is going fantastic, we’re near the climax of the arc and I’m looking forward to kicking some ass. I’m excited about Chris Handley‘s (I secretly call him Doctor Awesome, don’t tell anyone!) release of his Changeling Venice book. I’ve been thinking about running a game of Changeling set in Eureka, California for a while. My group wants to have a masquerade ball and I’m pretty sure the Venice book has some of that in there. At least, I’ve read chunks of his group’s gameplay stuff on it. Very interesting and looking forward to reading it.


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