Every writer Google’s their name. Endlessly.

Interesting fact: I’m currently listed in spot number 5 in Google when you put in my name.


The first 2 results are to the ancestor’s site.


George Washington Omans. Who’s this guy? He’s my ancestor! No, I’m not joking. My family did this ancestral tree look-up a while back and I’m related to George Washington Omans. Albeit, obliquely. I’m sure he’s proud to know his name pops up (and remembered) when people (People? What people?) want to read this wanna-be published author and translator bloggity and twitter feed.

Apparently I’m of Scottish descent. And Irish. I look way more German than Scottish or Irish. My father is 1/4th Native American but the German genes won. I burn like crazy in the sun and I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol consumption. What a cruel, cruel world. I have my wonderfully blessed bad eyesight to thank for being more of the indoors type and as for Alcohol? It just makes me a cheap drunk! It balances out in the end.


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