The next five years down to a T

I’ll be going to WSUV and get 95% of my 1st bachelor degree there done then I will transfer and live in Portland and go to Portland State for my Linguistics degree. When I’m through with that, I will pay for the other couple of classes at WSUV and graduate with my second degree. Then with the amount of debt that I have, find a job with my 2 awesome bachelor degrees working for the government to help forgive my student debt.


After that I can think about Masters schooling.


The thing is, I figured I would get my Linguistics degree finished first and then work on the second one however I’m doing it ass-backwards if I want to get 2 degrees so I had to choose now what path I’m going to do. I might as well reach for the gold. If I find out I’m not going to make getting 2 at least I’ll have a partial finish for the 2nd bachelor degree out of the way now if I want to return later to finish it when I’m less antsy to become an official adult with A Job And Student Debt Bills.


Then there’s thinking of what I’m going to do to help pay for Rent and all that for Portland and such. I was thinking Bartending, actually. Good hours for me and good pay but it takes a year at least of being a Barhand to get even taught how to mix drinks. I have a little while to think of it. I know its totally unrelated to writing or translating Japanese but I think its good to have a variety of experiences not completely related to those 2 things.


Next Post I’ll be posting more goal things down.



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