Seere Teaser


A Table top game where you play as people who can see ghosts or as the ghosts themselves.


Seere as in Seers, Clairvoyancers, straight up ‘I see dead people’ urban fantasy horror.


Setting it in the San Francisco area.


Modern day setting.


Because I can and I have been thinking about doing a project like this for a while.

Release date?

No idea. This is really a labor of love. Was thinking about pitching it to some publishing place but don’t know. I am no Chuck Wendig.

Inspired by?

World of Darkness (of course!) For all I know it could be another fan-made module.

Whats going on with Hex 6?

Some of you might remember that I’ve mentioned Hex 6 a few times, its not a game that I’m making but a friend of mine has been conceptualizing and writing. I am a play tester in this game which I have no idea when we’re going to run it. Busy being a college student and all. Who knows, maybe I might end up writing something for this book.


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