This is the virtual playground of Eli Omans (Who’s that?) Beware of gnomes and shady trickster devils in an alternate dimension looking to sell you pretty trinkets for your soul. You’ll see that I tweet a lot in the right bar there. Welcome! Come sit on the leather couch by the warm fire, would you like tea or coffee?

Things you may find here:

  • Ramblings
  • Craziness
  • Geekiness
  • Links to Awesome Stuff I Find
  • Food Porn
  • Updates on the things I do
  • Wizards
  • Really Awesome Top Hats
  • Advice about writing
  • Youtube videos
  • Find out what I’ve been reading
  • Unofficial Mascot Pictures
  • Character sheets from my table top adventures
  • May or may not have pictures of cats or cute animals (you’ve been warned)
  • News on publications whenever I know something of mine is going to be published

Here’s your beverage. Would you like me to tell you a story?


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