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Seere Teaser


A Table top game where you play as people who can see ghosts or as the ghosts themselves.


Seere as in Seers, Clairvoyancers, straight up ‘I see dead people’ urban fantasy horror.


Setting it in the San Francisco area.


Modern day setting.


Because I can and I have been thinking about doing a project like this for a while.

Release date?

No idea. This is really a labor of love. Was thinking about pitching it to some publishing place but don’t know. I am no Chuck Wendig.

Inspired by?

World of Darkness (of course!) For all I know it could be another fan-made module.

Whats going on with Hex 6?

Some of you might remember that I’ve mentioned Hex 6 a few times, its not a game that I’m making but a friend of mine has been conceptualizing and writing. I am a play tester in this game which I have no idea when we’re going to run it. Busy being a college student and all. Who knows, maybe I might end up writing something for this book.


Spokane, Corde A’lene, Aberdeen and Ocean Shores


Went to Spokane for a week to visit family. Saw a lot of stuff like Corde A’lene. I went gambling and lost all my money. Mind you, it was the small allot I gave myself not like I lost everything-everything, that would be devastating. Broke my tooth and got it fixed. Went swimming. Ate the best sushi I’ve had in a long time. I went to see the great Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit which included working replicas of Leonardo’s inventions as well as some excellent replicas of his work. I didn’t know he made the first scuba diving equipment or the first automobile. He really was ahead of his time. The one thing I wish they had more coverage was on the art aspect of it. The replicas of his work were small at best to really get a feeling of them. They had an entire room dedicated to the Mona Lisa which I know is the most overrated piece of art on the earth. I’ve seen more fantastic lesser known artwork than the Mona Lisa and yet people can’t seem to get over it. I get its significance but So. Much. Hype.


I made something with my bare hands that involved two sticks and yarn. Oh yeah baby. I knitted. For the first time ever because I wondered if I could and so I did. I limit myself to one knitting project per year though. I mean, its not like I have a deep interest in knitting compared to say, glass blowing. I want to do glass blowing so bad but its an expensive hobby so maybe one day.


In Aberdeen I did everything from riding on a horse on the beach to playing drunken wii bowling with my cousin, quite fun. I spent a lot of time hanging out on the beach actually. Bowling and having a nice home cooked meal is so nice when surrounded by family.


Most of the trip I spent unplugged although I did send out a tweet or two and IM’d a bit. Hard to break an addiction to the internet. Since I’ve been back, I’ve spent a lot less time online. I can hardly see in the dark now because of the screen so I’ve been spending less time in front of it and enjoying my break.


Although I’ll say I’m a bit eager to get back to the writing I know I shouldn’t rush things. After the end of next week, time to put my nose to the grindstone again and send out more fiction from now until the end of September. I get antsy if I spend too much time away from the pen and ink, feels like I’m not getting anything done, you know?


I received an email from Chris Baty, the OLL director and creator of Nanowrimo. He’s stepping down to become a full-time writer. Congratulations! A hard thing to do to go full-time for a lot of us.


Leon Kennedy – Unofficial Mascot

—Do I need to say anything else?