Bloody Monday PT 1 | 2 | 3

Quintus Cnaus in 308, Winter. Going out for a bite to eat gets complicated and dangerous real quick. Quintus is a real bad luck charm.


Disclaimer: Quintus Cnaus is my intellectual property and I have the permission to write about the other characters the players created in this campaign. All other characters are intellectual property of the ST or White Wolf/CCP, which I’m borrowing for writing purposes and not to make money off of. All of my content is for mature audiences only which is not limited to violence, gore, cursing, references and the occasional graphic sex and possibly trigger inducing and illegal acts of behavior that I or the ST do not condone or encourage anybody to do. Do not try this stuff at home, do not fly off rooftops and try to behead people to drink their blood. This is fictional, vampires are not real and they definitely do not sparkle in my stories, yada yada yada. Use your common sense. Long Live and Support White Wolf, all hail!

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