Cheap Eats – Chicken, Bean and Rice Burritos

Sometimes I whip up a huge batch of this and stick large bags of this stuff in the freezer that ends up lasting me weeks.


However much you want of each, the recipe is very forgiving. Even if you want to replace the chicken with firm tofu, I know it’d work too.


Beans – Kidney, Black

Brown Rice


Cumin spice

Cajun spice


Sour Cream


Refried Beans

Cook the rice in a rice cooker or on the stove (rice cooker is obviously better)

Slam that chicken in a pan and cook it till well done. Watch your ass for contamination. Raw chicken=bacteria. Use antibacterial soap to clean area, make sure it really does say antibacterial cuz if it ain’t—it ain’t.

Take out a mother effing huge ass pot, the biggest you have because you are going to need it. Add your beans and cook through, add your chicken and brown rice and stir that mother fucker up. When you are done dice up them peppers real nice and small and add them to the pot. Taste to perfection, add more if needed.

Fill your tortilla with this delish food of the gods and don’t tell me for the price you paid for it that it doesn’t taste like a bit of heaven. Easy on the wallet—hella easy to make and great tasting too.


Distracted by Shiny Ideas and what to do about them

So I know I was saying ‘next post, I’ll do more goal stuff’ but right now I’m not even sure if I’m going to Wash State Uni Vancouver or Portland State. I’m swamped with stuff to do. Until I have that figured out and all registered, then I’ll do more goal stuff.

For now I just wanted to sit down and talk about shiny new ideas that are basically like crack.

Hello, I’m Eli Omans and I’m addicted to new ideas.

When I get a new idea, usually in the middle of my project, I write them down as much as I can and set them aside. Whenever I do get done with the next project, I open up my processor to look at the next batch of ideas. Some of the ideas sounds terrible usually since I’ve had some distance from them. Although I have to say when I do get them that I like, I test drive them with short fiction and lots of pre-writing and thinking. As I said in some of my previous posts, I don’t start writing a new novel until I’m absolutely committed to finishing the draft.

One time, I was totally committed to finishing 2 novels in 1 month, back in November. I hit an unexpected bump in the road, nothing my fault really, I just couldn’t figure out what to do and I became uninterested in what I was writing that I dropped it. I gleaned some great information in how I work under pressure as well, which, ya know, is freaking awesome and worth its weight in gold.

Even though technically I’m not under a deadline with my novels right now, I write like I’m under a deadline. I always set an ending date for the first draft or I will sit and procrastinate hard like a mother effer because thats what I do…and in some regards a lot of writers do.

Writing down the ideas that distract you on the current project and putting them aside is what I do, how do you go about keeping on track with your project?


Exciting news

Already gaining interest into one of my new goals, ~101 goals in 1001 days, 2011 edition~ to help do the concept work and writing for an app or a game for the android. Was hoping to do one for the iphone but the costs of doing that is getting in the way.

I’m excited about working on this, I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but all of you will be in the loop.