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101 in 1001 days 2011 edition, update

An updated version and still in progress version of my list in no particular order:


  1. Graduate from Uni/2 bach degrees/thinking about Grad school
  2. Goto Japan
  3. Write a choose your own adventure as an iphone app or write a serial story for the iphone.
  4. Write a RPG book—it might be a World of Darkness fan thing but who knows.
  5. I would like to do a collaboration project for an app for the iphone with a couple of friends and use Kickstarter (maybe) to help fund us.
  6. Write about demons
  7. Write about a baker (2 books, 80K+ each next year)
  8. Continue doing Nanowrimo and script frenzy
  9. Edit and polish large stack of books
  10. I want to write and direct more indy short films.
  11. Beat 5 Japanese PSP games (1/5)
  12. Beat FF7 in Japanese
  13. Beat FF8 in Japanese
  14. Beat FF9 in Japanese
  15. Beat FF13 in Japanese
  16. Read 10 books in Japanese
  17. Chinese, Chinese, I want to learn some Chinese. I’ve been collecting resources and you should know when I get into a collecting phase, I don’t stop until I know everything there is to know out there on Chinese materials. I have a suspicion I’m going to be playing FF7 in Chinese at some point.
  18. Release an album of a buncha songs I’ve wrote and do some shows in Portland to promote the album.
  19. Reading more Japanese, English and Chinese. Comic books, UF, YA, Manga, CYOA, Scifi, Non-fiction, I would like to read at least 60-80 books a year.
  20. I would like to make my own beer/wine just for the hell of it.
  21. I want to volunteer more of my time. Specifically every year for my birthday I want to volunteer my time to a cause I like.
  22. Keep sending more of my short story work out to publishers.


  1. Publish a collection of fiction and poetry through IPRC [Pre-production started]
  2. Continue working on and finish Requiem for Roma Project
  3. Open an IRA/Roth
  4. Start a CD
  5. Rebuild the slush fund and rainy day fund
  6. Check in periodically at Virtual Stock Exchange and change as needed
  7. Continually check budget and maintain all expenses
  8. Go to SanFran
  9. Go back to Seattle
  10. Have my own radio show
  11. Have at least 25 more crazy adventures which ends up with me getting inspired (1/25)
  12. Become proficient in PS
  13. Become proficient in InDesign
  14. Become proficient in Illustrator
  15. Learn HTML5
  16. Continue studying history and art
  17. Read anthropology books/take a class
  18. Continue exploring radically different genres of music than what I grew up with
  19. Write 1+ guest post on a sociological imagination/geeky type of blog
  20. Participate more in my other communities in person
  21. Participate in 3 different rallies/protests
  22. Write your representative at least 20 times on various bullshit that must be addressed (7/20)
  23. Get a drivers license
  24. Go to a Con
  25. Get rejected 100 times (13/100)
  26. Get completed books in front of Agents/Editors
  27. Take Bind5 class
  28. Take Letterprint class
  29. Release Fic+Poetry through IPRC
  30. TL 10 more short stories
  31. Write 5 game reviews
  32. Take JLPT 2
  33. Buy a sword replica or a gun


More as I think along, stay tuned!



101 Goals in 1001 Days, Out of Order Edition.

A long time ago I created the 101 goals in 1001 days list as reminder of Shit I Want To Do. I’ve accomplished many goals but I’ve still got some to go. As such, I’ve separated goals that still need to be done and all the finished ones at the bottom. Ignore bolds/italics since those used to be old updates from eons ago.

I’ve replaced some goals that are more relevant to my interests. Other than that, I’ll let the list speak for itself.


    1. Go To Japan.
    2. Plan For Japan.(85% done)
    3. Own or Co-Own a piece of property
    5. Get Financials for Japan trip entirely planned out (95% done)
    7. Move Somewhere Nice.
    8. Invest in stock market
    9. Go to Canada
    12. Get Passport (Its filled out, I just need the pictures and the money.)
    13. Get Drivers License (I’ve been practicing and reading the book xD Its a start….)
    17. Review 10 more games (3 out of 10 done)
    19. Review 10 more websites of any choice (3 out of 10 done)
    20. Graduate College (or close enough to transfer) (90% done! :O)
    28. Volunteer 100 hours  of my time (95/100)
    33. Troll /b/ until I get banned
    34. Play WoW one time
    36. Get into the process of purchasing recording equipment to record songs
    37. Eat healthy for 4 months straight
    38. Go and get a checkup
    39. Go and get my teeth looked at
    40. Purchase health insurance
    41. Find out my blood type
    44. Better my GPA (Almost there :O)
    45. Attend University
    48. Play a concert
    49. Complete 365 day project (20% Completed)
    53. ________________
    54. ________________
    55. Something else
    56. Something else
    58  Beat FF7 in Japanese (On Disc 2)
    60. Caught up in Naruto series (I’m Caught Up but not for long)
    62. Paint a wall
    63. Make a mural and affix/paint it on something prominent in a room
    64. Get another piece of artwork into a Gallery
    65. Sell 1 piece of artwork
    66. Make a medicine bag or carve a goddess out of wood
    67. Complete sketch book before January ends (80 pgs/100pgs)
    69. Write at least 500 words on average per day in 2011
    70. Attend public ritual
    75. Get an article that I write into newspaper
    76. Be in 1 podcast
    80. Open another savings account
    81. Open 401K retirement or equivalent
    82. Drop below the radar (50%)
    84. Make a youtube video (50% Done!)
    86. Purchase a sword replica

    88. Pimp out my room/purge the clutter (40%)
    89. ______________
    99. Attend a convention
    100. Go hunting for semi-precious gems.
    101. Purchase a gun.


6. Practice Japanese at least 4x a week for 6 months at least 1.5 hrs (Done)
10. Go without internet for 2 weeks (Non consecutively, Completed.)
Go without T.V. for 1 month (4 of 4 weeks done lulz)

14. Complete an art project
15. Write 5 short stories (
5 out of 5 done)
16. Reach 200 posts in blog (Finished: August 19, 2009)

21. Write my Will (Completed)
22. Consume 1 alcoholic beverage before 21
23. Consume 1 alcoholic beverage and not throw up
24. Go to a Gay Bar at least 3 times in 1 month (Done! St. Patty’s Day 2010)
25. Participate in a protest rally (DONE! Clinic Defense.)
26. Purchase a Car (Or Vespa or similar autobai) ( Broken autobai GOT!)

29. Get a pet (Done! Kitty Memosyne)
30. Buy Xbox 360/PS3 (PS3!)
31. Go without cussing in RL and internets for 1 week ( 100% Completed)
32. Grow hair out until hair reaches ass (100% done)

35. Play through 1 horror game that is NOT Resident Evil or any affiliated sequels (DONE! It was Silent Hill 2 and RE5! :P)
42. Complete a massage session
43. Pass Yoga Class (done!)

57 Hack a console, Pirate a game!
59  Appear in a Movie (Done! “Zombies Attack College!”)
61. Stay up 24 hours. (48 hours DONE!)
68. Apply for 50 scholarships/grants over lifetime (50/50)
71. Attend Japanese festival (Done! Ohanami 2009!)
72. Put on an event at the college (I’m settling with helping out with 5+ Events)

73. Try Natto (Done, *barfs*)
74. Reach 1,000 views on blog (November 5th 2009)

77. Write 5 pages per day for 3 months on future novel without editing at all until the end. (100% Done!)
Take the JLPT (Passed JLPT3!)
Go back to Seattle

83. Contribute to a conspiracy theorist forum (October 21st 2009!)
85. Own 1 piece of merchandise that is CCS/Clamp (10 Volumes of RG Veda, Vol. 4 CCS, Tsubasa Resevoir Mokona Plushie!!!)
87. Manage to own a pair of headphones and computer for a year without them breaking (O.o) (Headphones!)
90. Participate in NaNoWriMo (Participating!)
91. Participate in SketchCrawl
92. Play Friend in an MMORPG (Ragnorak Online! 100% Done!)
93. [+] Release baka geek 2.0
94.[+] Reach 1,000 Tweets
95. [+]
Win a game of UFO Catcher
96. [+] Participate in a  Free Hugs ca

Comments: Completed 50 Goals, That means there’s still 51 more to go. YEAH! Halfway there! But zmore than halfway done with 1001 days. I realize there’s going to be things I can’t complete. Like, its a real possibility I’m not going to make it to Canada and its unreasonable to accomplish #3 Own or Co-Own a Piece of Property. Thats a goal thats more suitable in the next 10 years…ect ect. I’m still as broke as before I made the list so Japan, the big numero uno, is in jeopardy as well. Life happens, I adjust to the circumstances. There’s a good chance I won’t complete the list but its the EFFORT I put into making the list and STICKING to it that counts. Gotta always look at the bright sides of things!