Who is Eli Omans?

Eli Omans in a nutshell is a human creative engine that combines awesome and hard work into words, sounds and art that may or may not be for free for your entertainment. Lives in Portland, Oregon with a cat surrounded by books, musical instruments and electronic gadgets.

The extended version: Eli Omans is a geeky transmedia freelance penmonkey who’s working towards becoming a Japanese translator and a published author. Loves books, playing music, video games and table top games. Frequently takes on Big Scary Projects and likes to stay busy!

Eli Omans is a novelist

     With 6 completed novels and novellas, I’m in revisions and hoping to begin submissions soon.

Eli Omans is a short story writer

     A collection of short fiction I’m actively submitting.

Eli Omans is a game developer

     The (only) table top game developer for Seere, a super indy urban fantasy horror game involving ghosts thats currently in development.

Eli Omans is a musician

     A bassist and lyricist, I have an album which 50% of profits go towards Charity. Will you buy a copy to help feed me and help kids when it comes out in October? (Watch this space!)

Eli Omans is a film maker

     I write, produce and edit my own shorts in and outside of the 48hourfilm project.

Eli Omans is a linguist

     I’m not bad at Japanese. I also know a chunk of Chinese too. Being a translator is my dream job besides becoming a published author.


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